Google Analytics Services

Understanding your website performance and visitor behaviour is vital for your business to succeed online.

Foundry can help you get up and running with Google Analytics in no time. Turning insights in to actions.

A better understanding of your website’s visitors can help in all aspects of your online marketing strategy.

The team at Foundry have extensive experience in the configuration and implementation of Google Analytics and can help you with any of the following services:


Our Google Analytics implmentation process

1. Discuss your goals

Before any lines of code are written, the first thing we like to do with any Google Analytics implementation is sit down with you and discuss your company goals. What is it you hope to acheive through the implentation of Google Analytics? Do you need to focus on collecting a specific type of data more than another? Asking and discussing these questions help us to tailor a bespoke implementation plan specifically for you and your goals.

2. Make a plan

An implementation of Google Analytics can only be successful with a well thought out plan. Based on our initial conversations about your business goals we will provide you with a plan of implementation and an explanation as to how this approach will best suit your long and short term goals.

3. Technical Implementation

It’s at this point where the developers at Foundry begin writing code and implementing the technical aspects of Google Analytics. With a focus on high quality and thorough testing, you can be sure that any code will be implemented using best practices with security and performance in mind.

4. Review

After the technical implementation phase, you need to know if your goals have been met. We will work with you to assess your ROI now and to setup your analytics dashboard with customised reporting to allow for at-a-glance updates into the future. We can then use this data to inform work on improvements to the site to maximise retention, conversions or signups, depending on what goals you have.

At this stage, it’s also worth using hindsight to see if we can improve the metrics and KPI’s used in this data-gathering to feed into the next step…

5. Repeat

Your industry doesn’t stand still, and neither should your analysis. We will now repeat this process with you to ensure your dashboard accurately reflects your most pressing concerns and keeps you updated on your site goals.

If you would like to start collecting data on your website or application using Google Analytics, get in touch by calling 01208 73100 or email us at