The web designers and developers

Meet the team behind Foundry who design and build.

The Team

We’re a small team of web designers and developers who specialise in PHP, JavaScript, Ruby and Laravel. We love that when we go to work in the morning, no matter what project we’re working on we have the opportunity to change the world a little for the better. We push for accessible, beautiful websites and applications and like to treat the internet like we treat code; always strive to leave it a little better than the way you found it.

Image of Barry Rhodes

Barry Rhodes

Technical Director

Barry architects our largest applications and knows which technology fits into the problem at hand.

Image of Dan Netherton

Dan Netherton

Front End Developer

Dan is a great designer and can code in multiple languages. He crafts delightful customer experiences.

Image of Ashley Hayward

Ashley Hayward

Creative Director

Ashley has always had great taste and designing allows him to exercise this regularly on behalf of our clients.

Image of Peter Mellett

Peter Mellett

Web Developer

Pete is a quality-obsessive developer. He reads API docs over breakfast and unit tests in his dreams.

Image of Dom Brandreth

Dom Brandreth

Strategy Consultant

Dom has consulted with businesses at every level, from government down to startups.